10 Ways to Call Up the Sacred


Not too long ago, a couple of business owners told me that one of their primary difficulties with integrating faith into their work is recalling God in the midst of the work day. Whether it’s due to human nature or the secular nature of business and our country, it’s easy to get caught up and forget whose we are and our role in the kingdom of God.

In an attempt to speak to their need, I have created a list of ways to recall God in the midst of the work day. These suggestions are not in any order. The most important one is the one that resonates with you.

1. Start the day with a spiritual practice.

By grounding the day with a spiritual practice, whether it is at home or at the beginning of your work day, you will cultivate greater awareness of the Divine. As a result, you may come to more easily perceive God’s nudges in your life.

2. Schedule it/Add it to Your “To Do’s.”

Mark out some time in your day, whether it is 30 seconds or 30 minutes, to remember your Maker. Or, if you’re the kind of person that orients around what you plan to do, add it to your “To Do” list. Also, whether it’s on your calendar or on your “To Do” list, set it to be recurring! Format the reminder to fit your life and mode of working.

3. Associate everyday objects/actions with scripture.

Every day, as you dress and prepare for the workday, recite Ephesians 6.10-17. It will help you to remember to “be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his power.” Also, associate common objects in your workspace with scripture. For example, associate your light switch with the Light. Every time you turn a light on or off, recall Matthew 5.14 or John 8.12. Have fun with these associations!

4. Start meetings with a moment of silence.

Give yourself and members of the groups you lead some time to center by starting with a moment of silence. Our deepest selves know that God is found in silence, so your taking that time will be a blessing to everyone.

5. Place objects in your workspace that remind you of God or your faith walk.

Have you gathered stones or leaves during a retreat? Do you keep a journal that helps you process your thoughts and feelings? Do you have a vase or a fan that speaks to you of beauty? Bring these objects into your workspace. They will remind you of the depth of life that has supported you in the past and continues to do so.

6. During meetings remember Christ’s presence.

The spirit of Christ is among us whether we are at home, work, or in a religious setting. So, whether you’re meeting with staff, colleagues, customers, or clients, remember where two or three are gathered (see Matthew 18.20), the blessings of God are available.

7. Express gratitude. Confess shortcomings. Discern next steps.

In Teach Us to Pray, Gordon T. Smith argues that we can overcome our human tendency to forget God through this routine. Rather than focusing on what God is not doing, recognize and express your gratitude for what God is doing. Rather than criticizing others, confess your shortcomings. Once you do this, you are ready to discern where you are being called to help God build the Reign of Love.

8. Associate challenges with God’s love.

If you believe that the Divine is working in all things for those who love God, start to see challenges as learning opportunities for growth and God’s glory. If your day is full of dealing with issues, consider yourself blessed. You are being given a lot of opportunities to call upon God and to seek God’s goodness and guidance.

9. Ask God for guidance.

If none of these ideas resonate with you, set aside some time to ask God for guidance. Sitting still in silence, ask the Inward Teacher to give you an idea of how to remember God. If you don’t get a concrete idea, you might get an image, word or phrase that will take you to it.

10. Trust the Holy Spirit.

If none of these work, trust that the Holy Spirit knows your desire. Then wait and watch to see something that will be of help to you. It might come through a dream or a surprising experience in the midst of the day.

What ways do you remember God? How has being in touch with the Divine during the workday affected you? your workplace?