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We help nonprofit, long-term care communities save money, fulfill their missions, and gain competitive advantage by providing research-based, spirituality-enhanced leadership, team, and organization development services.


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Our approach recognizes that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We know we’re all part of a greater whole and when we work together in ways that takes every part seriously, the outcomes can be extraordinary.



Our solutions have both breadth and depth. Our services include leadership, team and organization development, while our approach incorporates research-based metrics alongside strategies that cultivate emotional intelligence, system health, and spiritual maturity. 



We believe our clients know best, so we attend to their concerns then partner with them to tailor our solutions to fit the specific needs of their situation.


Focused on Results

In order to demonstrate the benefits of our solutions, we conduct survey assessments before and after most interventions.

Meet Rhonda


Rhonda Pfaltzgraff-Carlson sees the value and potential of people and organizations, so she draws upon both research and spirituality to help them fulfill it.

She is a spiritual director, executive coach, and organization development consultant who has a PhD in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, an MA in Theology, and a Certificate of Spiritual Nurture. Recently, her conceptualization of organizational spirituality was published in the Journal of Management, Spirituality & Religion.

While she has consulted with a wide range of organizations, she believes that her current offerings are particularly well suited for faith-based, nonprofit long-term care communities.

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