God’s Presence in the Midst of Work


I grew up on a farm on the high plains of Colorado. I felt like my survival depended on work… the survival of the farm, money for food and clothes, and acceptance and inclusion in my family. It felt like work was our god.

One day, as a young teen, I decided I wanted to know if God was real…. I was scared because I felt like I was testing God, but I needed evidence that there was more to life than work. On a hot summer day, standing at the intersection of two dirt roads in the midst of wheat fields and cow pastures, I asked God if God was real.

I felt a raindrop on my finger…. It wasn’t much, but it was enough to give me the hope and faith I needed.

That event changed me, and the memory of it hasn’t gone away. In fact, that experience was so important to me that it laid the foundation for what I’m doing now… helping others discover God’s presence and power in the midst of their work.

What experiences of God have shaped your faith and influenced your work?