Transforming Leadership
Service Excellence

We guide leaders who desire to reach their full potential and seek to propel their organizations to achieve higher purposes. In particular, we serve leaders who seek to create transformative workplace cultures that promote service excellence.

◊ Expand Your Awareness
◊ Lead through Service
◊ Transform Your Workplace
◊ Contribute to a Better World



Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is companionship for people who seek to better recognize and respond to the signs of divine presence and guidance.

We offer spiritual direction for leaders who seek a deeper spiritual life.

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Leadership Development

We offer values-based leadership development. Our servant leadership training program is experiential, which helps to ensure leaders integrate the concepts into their daily interactions and practices.

Servant leadership training not only improves leadership skills, it also cultivates collaboration and enhances performance.

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Organizational Accompaniment

Our holistic approach to organizational development helps leaders transform their culture and systems so their results outperform those of more traditional systems.

Through a unique approach that integrates contemplative spirituality with organizational psychology, we help leaders transform their culture to support workplace spirituality. Workplace spirituality promotes well-being, staff member engagement, and service excellence.

Our approach is:


Our services are grounded in scientific research, aligned with contemplative spirituality, and propelled by positive system dynamics.


The whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts. When every part and everyone is included in this whole, the outcomes become extraordinary.

It’s grounded in:


Ultimate reality is in motion. So, when we open to and embrace change–keeping eternal love in mind, we honor the truth of life.


Our solutions are fueled by trust and collaboration, so we create safe spaces that allow for thorough exploration and deep transformation.