Leadership Coaching

We offer values-based leadership coaching for individuals who seek to improve their leadership skills, cultivate collaboration, and enhance performance.

In particular, we help leaders develop the mindsets and disciplines associated with servant leadership. This approach to leadership empowers followers and builds healthy cultures that promote service excellence.

Servant Leadership

When approaching leadership through a service mindset, leaders use their power to serve the needs of followers first and create collaborative relationships between themselves and their followers that allow everyone to lead and to serve.

Service-minded leaders value and develop the people they lead, build a strong sense of community, provide and share leadership, and consistently display openness and authenticity.1 


Research demonstrates the benefits associated with practicing servant leadership.
Results include increased:

  • well-being
  • performance
  • innovation
  • service excellence

and decreased:

  • burnout
  • turnover intentions
  • negative workplace behaviors.2

For these reasons, organizations led by servant leaders financially outperform businesses and organizations led by traditional leadership styles.1




The Leadership Coaching Process


Leaders who seek to serve others through their leadership will want to consider leadership coaching that promotes servant leadership.

We start with a complementary conversation that explores your interest in servant leadership. This conversation helps us get to know each other better and determine if there is a good fit.

Upon concluding there is a good fit, the next step is to engage in a longer discovery session. This conversation helps me get to know you, your situation, and your context better, and the goals you have associated with developing as a leader.

After the discovery session, we formalize the agreement and begin the standard coaching sessions, which are currently being conducted virtually.

Coaching sessions are bi-monthly and last about an hour. The first forty-five minutes is a standard coaching session, where you will be coached on a topic of your choice.

During the last fifteen minutes, we will explore servant leadership concepts: the fundamental mindsets, the developmental mind shifts, and the servant leadership principles and disciplines.

This approach allows you to focus on your current challenges while developing servant leadership skills.

We recommend that leaders assess their leadership before the coaching sessions start. Their results help leaders determine where they want to focus and provide a baseline for measuring improvement. Leaders can choose to take self-assessments of their:

1) organization’s health,

2) leadership, and/or

3) leadership and management strengths.

I offer six, nine, and twelve month contracts, with an option to renew.

Through our partnership approach, you will  gain awareness, explore your mindsets, choose new ones, and develop your leadership skills as you progress toward becoming a servant leader.

Because the choice to become a servant leader can grow out of one’s faith, leaders who wish to discuss their leadership in light of faith and spirituality are encouraged to be in touch.

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