Holistic Solutions for Extraordinary Care

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is a confidential partnership that evokes a reflective and creative thought process that helps a leader overcome the obstacles that are limiting their potential and the fulfillment of the community’s mission.


  • Driven by goals to be accomplished
  • 45-minute sessions, twice a month
  • 3, 6 or 12-month contract
  • Enneagram typing suggested

Direct Benefits:
Through this partnership, leaders develop greater:

  • self and social awareness
  • adaptability in their leadership style
  • ability to meet daily challenges in accordance with their goals and intentions

Extended Benefits:
Executive coaching can also contribute to:

  • a more positive work climate
  • staff member well-being
  • engagement and retention
  • performance and mission fulfillment

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction is a sacred conversation that supports a leader who is ready to explore and cultivate their inward life and allow God to shape, stretch, and lead them in to new depths of trust, love, and freedom.


  • Driven by desire for greater spiritual depth
  • One hour sessions, once a month
  • 6 or 12-month contract or on-going relationship

  • May grow out of executive coaching relationship
  • Spiritual Formation is also available. Ask for info.

Direct Benefits:
Spiritual direction helps everyone:

  • know the Divine
  • develop resilience in midst of suffering and challenge
  • live with greater faith, hope, joy, and love

Spiritual direction can help leaders develop:

  • vision, faith and wisdom
  • empathy and humility
  • authority, flexibility, and creativity

Extended Benefits:

Spiritual direction supports faith-based long-term care by fostering:

  • a deeper appreciation of their religious tradition
  • mission, vision, and value congruence
  • resident health and well-being

Spiritual direction encourages spiritual leadership, which benefits staff members through:

  • decreased burnout
  • higher levels of commitment and productivity
  • greater life satisfaction


In the best of Quaker tradition, Rhonda posed probing and thought-provoking queries throughout our time together. These were of great value to me, as was the freedom she offered to find my own way, without judgment or prescription.   – C. B.

Rhonda offers herself as a wise and patient companion for the seeker eager to explore how their unique relationship with the Divine illuminates their life and their work. Our time together has helped me to see and center my own work as firmly rooted in my spiritual life, and to approach my daily choices accordingly.  – L. L.

I loved working with Rhonda. She helped me discern my spiritual gifts and see how they are manifesting in my life. With her guidance and support, I tested out leadings that stretched me to go beyond my comfort zone in healthy ways.  – C. Q.

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