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Mission Integration

Mission Integration is a facilitated self-review process that helps leaders determine the extent to which the community’s key structures and systems promote or limit mission fulfillment. The review defines areas for celebration and improvement that help the community meet its goals and fulfill its objectives. Strategies, action plans, and monitoring cycles are defined for these drivers of mission fulfillment.


  • Sponsored by central leader to ensure internal alignment with the community’s mission
  • Review current mission in its larger context
  • Assess perceptions of mission alignment
  • Define critical areas for improvement
  • Create action plans to facilitate further integration

  • Strategic planning facilitation is available, if organizational goals and objectives need definition
  • Coaching is available, if external accountability would be helpful to ensure implementation

Direct Benefits:
Mission integration helps leaders:

  • clarify the community’s mission and vocation
  • pinpoint the critical success factors and barriers to mission fulfillment
  • develop actionable plans that address critical issues

Extended Benefits:

Mission integration also helps a community:

  • create a positive workplace climate
  • improve attraction and retention of staff members
  • cultivate engagement and compassionate care
  • provide healthy aging and resident satisfaction

Retention through Engagement

Retention through Engagement is a multi-stage intervention that helps long-term care facilities improve engagement while cultivating the commitment and retention of high-quality staff members. Particular attention is given to the factors that influence the engagement, commitment and retention of direct caregivers.


  • Sponsored by central leader; accomplished through consultant-project team partnership
  • Assess staff member attitudes and behavior
  • Receive training regarding underpinnings of engagement and retention
  • Identify key drivers of engagement and retention
  • Define action plans and follow-up

Direct Benefits:
Through this intervention, community leaders:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of engagement and retention
  • Identify key drivers of engagement and retention
  • Pinpoint how to improve work relationships
  • Identify practices that can be improved

Extended Benefits:
Engagement and retention can lead to:

  • a more positive work group environment
  • increased staff member engagement and productivity
  • higher levels of commitment and retention
  • greater health and well-being
  • mission fulfillment and organizational resilience
For an additional resource for improving retention, ask about our Conflict Transformation offering.

A Climate of Compassion

A Climate of Compassion is achieved through the implementation of a multi-stage process that helps leaders and staff members better understand compassion and cultivate it throughout its systems.


  • Sponsored by central leader
  • Assess resident care from compassion viewpoint
  • Receive training regarding compassion
  • Conduct compassion assessment and create blueprints for improvement
  • Implement blueprints and follow-up

Direct Benefits:
Through this process, the community becomes more:

  • emotionally and relationally intelligent
  • resilient in the face of suffering
  • connected to its significance and purpose
  • protected from burnout

Extended Benefits:
A Climate of Compassion can also lead to:

  • greater health and well-being
  • improved productivity and quality of care
  • more thorough mission fulfillment
  • innovation and organizational resilience
For additional ways to improve climate, ask about our Fairness and Forgiveness and Reconciliation offerings.


“I was a skeptic; I was not sure that she would connect with us or our issues. I must say, she is one of the most talented individuals I have ever worked with. She was approachable, warm and genuine, and she was always in control of the group.

She has been an incredible asset to this organization.” – J. M.

“Rhonda devoted a great deal of time, effort, persistence, and professional insight to helping the team strive toward its goals. She has always been very upbeat, willing to listen to criticism or suggestions, and has been very conscious of keeping all team members involved. Her analytical skills and ability to link her academic training to our “real-world” problems have made her uniquely qualified to move the team forward.

She has provided tireless leadership and has been an inspiration to others.” – F. S.

“With Rhonda’s consultation, staff identified creative and successful strategies for interrupting inappropriate conflict responses. They gained understanding of why their new strategies were successful and they learned to generalize and employ these strategies in their everyday work.

Her consultation services freed staff from the bonds of resignation and hopelessness and allowed them to enjoy and find fulfillment in their work.” – J. B.

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