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Cultivating Workplace Spirituality

Spiritual Advising: What, Who, and Why

Spiritual Advising is consulting that integrates spiritual wisdom into the workplace.

Business and organizational leaders who want to integrate spirituality into their organization will find that our services meet this unique challenge. Similarly, leaders who want to integrate their faith-based ideals into their organization’s systems and structures will find that our services can help them accomplish that task.

Spiritual Advising cultivates workplace spirituality, encourages organizational wholeness, contributes to resilience and thriving, and supports service and performance excellence. To learn more about the research that supports the claims associated with each service area below, see the Spiritual Advising section on the FAQs page or contact me.

Spiritual Advising — Service Areas

Substantive Engagement

What: Understand the spiritual and psychological underpinnings of engagement and cultivate the factors that promote it.

Why: Improve performance while increasing constructive  workplace behaviors.

Synergistic Collaboration

What: Achieve team objectives and build synergy through interventions that increase task focus and relational awareness.

Why: Improve quality, safety, efficiency, engagement, learning, and innovation.

Conflict Transformation

What: Transform conflict, then develop conflict awareness and a climate for  constructive conflict to prevent recurrence.

Why: Improve well-being,  satisfaction, collaboration, inclusion, and productivity


What: Learn how to discern the will of the Divine then make decisions and base actions on this discernment.

Why: Remain faithful to core purposes while establishing the best way forward and building community.


Clarity and Culture Alignment

What: Discern the organization’s higher purpose and integrate it throughout the organization’s operations.

Why: Align with divine purposes to produce operational and service excellence.

Climate for Compassion

What: Acknowledge suffering, better understand compassion, and integrate compassion into operations by implementing a compassion blueprint.

Why: Improves resilience, service quality, engagement, collaboration, innovation, and commitment.

Climate for Fairness

What: Understand four types of fairness perceptions then create a climate for fairness that promotes them.

Why: Increase trust, job satisfaction, commitment; reduce costs from low performance, absenteeism, and turnover.

Climate for Forgiveness & Reconciliation

What: Understand and forgive then create a climate that supports forgiveness and reconciliation. 

Why: Increase openness to change, innovation, commitment, profitability, and constructive work behaviors.

Spiritual Advising: Approach

Given the personal and relational nature of our service areas, I employ a partnership approach when consulting. This approach recognizes that my content expertise only becomes meaningful when it is tailored to a client’s unique context and situation. Through establishing trust and open communication, the partnership facilitates a depth problem solving that creates truly relevant, lasting solutions for businesses and organizations.

After a particular focus area is chosen, we will determine the appropriate amount of education and assessment, including the association of any assessments with a client’s key metrics. The knowledge that comes from the education and assessment phases determines the full scope of the project.

In contrast to many consultants, my preference is to remain involved during the implementation phase. During this time, I encourage systems thinking and the cultivation of shared meaning, while assisting leaders as they retain responsibility for the implementation. If desired, projects conclude with follow-up assessments and tracking their association with the key metrics.

Prior participation in Spiritual Coaching or Workplace Guidance is recommended.

I offer discounts for nonprofit organizations.


“I was a skeptic; I was not sure that she would connect with us or our issues. I must say, she is one of the most talented individuals I have ever worked with. She was approachable, warm and genuine, and she was always in control of the group.

She has been an incredible asset to this organization.” – J. M.

“Rhonda devoted a great deal of time, effort, persistence, and professional insight to helping the team strive toward its goals. She has always been very upbeat, willing to listen to criticism or suggestions, and has been very conscious of keeping all team members involved. Her analytical skills and ability to link her academic training to our “real-world” problems have made her uniquely qualified to move the team forward.

She has provided tireless leadership and has been an inspiration to others.” – F. S.

“With Rhonda’s consultation, staff identified creative and successful strategies for interrupting inappropriate conflict responses. They gained understanding of why their new strategies were successful and they learned to generalize and employ these strategies in their everyday work.

Her consultation services freed staff from the bonds of resignation and hopelessness and allowed them to enjoy and find fulfillment in their work.” – J. B.

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