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Spiritual Direction for Working People

Cultivating Workplace Spirituality

Spiritual Coaching:
Who, What, and Why


Spiritual Coaching is spiritual direction for people who work. It’s a process of accompaniment that helps working people open to and respond to the guidance of the Spirit. It’s a way to develop a relationship with God that integrates faith and work.

The benefits of Spiritual Coaching depend upon the person. Generally speaking, it helps people be aware of the Divine in their work lives. With this awareness, people are more able to realize wholeness and live into their potential. The benefits also depend upon a person’s work role and what they feel they are missing or desire to have in their daily life.

  • Working people who experience a lack of meaning and purpose come to find greater meaning and fulfillment through their work. For them, discerning their calling and living into it might be the primary task.
  • Caregivers who experience depletion or burnout through serving people with intense needs could come to know deeper sources of resilience. For them, deepening their self-awareness and integrating their faith and work should be helpful.
  • Managers who are required to balance the achievement of goals with empathy for staff members become more authoritative yet also more flexible and creative. For them, growing in self-awareness while cultivating the fruits of the Spirit could be a central focus of our work.
  • Executive and leaders also benefit from Spiritual Coaching. They might gain the ability to be more visionary while also becoming more humble and empathetic. For them, embodying spiritual leadership might be an outcome they choose to pursue.


Knowing the Divine can generate resilience in the face of suffering and other challenges.


Spirituality cultivates well-being through faith, hope and joy. Spirituality can also help us develop a richer sense of community and connectedness with the earth.


When we are connected with the Divine, we gain the courage we need to overcome the obstacles that limit our freedom and our ability to live into our

The Process

The Spiritual Coaching relationship is customized to each person. All clients are encouraged to reflect upon their spiritual lives, to anticipate encountering obstacles, and to be open to transformation.


Initial Recommended Options:

  • Spiritual Awareness and Reflection Practices
  • Discernment of Calling
  • Self-Awareness through Enneagram
  • Identification of Spiritual Gifts
  • Faith and Work Integration Discussions



  • 60 minute sessions held monthly
  • Virtual video meetings, unless clients are local
  • Email contact between sessions
  • 6 month commitments are preferred


As a member of Spiritual Directors
International (SDI),
I follow their code of ethics.


I offer discounts for people who are between jobs or work for nonprofits.

While the benefits of Spiritual Coaching are specific to each organization, research shows that workplace spirituality creates positive outcomes for individuals and organizations.

Individual Benefits


  • Greater capacity for coping, reduced stress and aggression
  • Buffering for emotional labor
  • Improved intuition and creativity
  • Higher levels of altruism, empathy, and compassion
  • Greater job and life satisfaction
  • Higher levels of engagement and productivity

Workplace Benefits


  • Higher levels of employee
    well-being and decreased burnout
  • Greater engagement, productivity, and commitment
  • More organizational citizenship behaviors
  • Higher levels of work unit and organizational performance
  • Stronger ethical decision making


In the best of Quaker tradition, Rhonda posed probing and thought-provoking queries throughout our time together. These were of great value to me, as was the freedom she offered to find my own way, without judgment or prescription.   – C. B.

Rhonda offers herself as a wise and patient companion for the seeker eager to explore how their unique relationship with the Divine illuminates their life and their work. Our time together has helped me to see and center my own work as firmly rooted in my spiritual life, and to approach my daily choices accordingly.  – L. L.

I loved working with Rhonda. She helped me discern my spiritual gifts and see how they are manifesting in my life. With her guidance and support, I tested out leadings that stretched me to go beyond my comfort zone in healthy ways.  – C. Q.

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