Study Groups

Our study groups are safe spaces for people to talk about their work in light of spirituality and faith.

Through presentations and conversation, participants will gain new understanding, grow spiritually, and build community.

Participants will gain inward balance and confidence as they become more grounded in their faith and live more fully from their Divine Center.


Study Group Format


Study Groups are typically formed through a sponsoring company, organization, or congregation.

These groups are most useful for people who have participated in one or more faith traditions and seek to reflect on their work or leadership in light of faith and spirituality.

While previous or current association with a faith tradition is recommended, participants will not be asked to agree to a statement of faith in order to join.

Standard sessions are composed of 20 to 30 minutes of teaching, time for personal reflection and confidential conversation, and conclude with participants sharing the new awareness they’ve gained.

Study groups are composed of twelve 60 to 90 minute sessions.

Topics include:

◊ Differentiating Spirituality and Religion

◊ Identifying and Satisfying Spiritual Needs

◊ Appreciating the Diversity of Faith Expressions in the Workplace

◊ Exploring Purpose, Calling, and Leadings

◊ Understanding the Spiritual Nature of Work

◊ Recognizing the Spheres that Influence Faith and Work Integration

Depending on participants’ locations and preferences, study groups meet weekly, biweekly or monthly and either virtually or in-person.

Because sharing about faith and spirituality is personal and sacred, we hold the space and facilitate the discussions so each person feels valued in the context of the community.

As such, these groups are best suited for people who have the capacity to listen to others whose experience and perspectives are different from their own.

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