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Team Coaching

Team coaching is a group-level engagement in which a coach helps a leadership team gain the relational competencies that helps them work together better and accomplish group goals more effectively.


  • Focused by team or organizational goals
  • 90-minute sessions, twice a month
  • 3 or 6-month contract
  • Enneagram typing assessment

Direct Benefits:
Through this process, team members become:

  • more emotionally and relationally intelligent
  • more resilient in the face of conflict
  • able to communicate more effectively
  • able to make higher quality decisions

Extended Benefits:
Team coaching can also lead to:

  • a more positive work group environment
  • staff member satisfaction and commitment
  • team performance and innovation
  • mission fulfillment and organizational resilience
For additional team development, ask about our Collaboration Intensive.

Group Spiritual Formation

Group spiritual formation is a heartening collaboration that grounds the life and work of a board of directors or leadership team in God’s love and purposes. It deepens connections among team members while cultivating their commitment to their faith and work.


  • Facilitated group spiritual formation practices
  • 45 to 60-minute meetings, monthly
  • 6 or 12-month contract
  • Enneagram typing suggested

Direct Benefits:

This process of sharing helps members:

  • cultivate a sense of Presence among themselves
  • gain fuller appreciation for the gifts they’ve been given to achieve the organization’s purposes
  • become more aware of the movement and guidance of the Holy Spirit

Extended Benefits:

Group spiritual formation:

  • engenders engagement and commitment
  • reduces burnout
  • cultivates significance, meaning and purpose 
  • encourages mission fulfillment
  • strengthens the community’s commitment to its faith and faith-based values
For additional group spiritual development, ask about our Group Discernment and Decision Making offering.


“Rhonda was here to complete a spiritual listening experience. I found the process very fulfilling and want to recommend this resource to others.”  – W. W.

“She asks good questions, pushes ideas beyond the initial thought, and is not easily frustrated when confronted with difficult problems. I also recognize in her a level of maturity and insight into human relationships and interpersonal understanding which is rare…, and is therefore capable of interacting in positive and beneficial ways with people and/or cultures which present alternative values and traditions.”   – J. H.

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