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Faith & Co. is a partnership between academic departments, entrepreneurial companies, and mission-driven institutions. They provide educational and formational experiences that deepen connections between faith and work.

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Faith & Co. affirms the marketplace as a place of calling and equips people to participate in God’s work of “reconciling all things” (serving the common good) through innovation, beauty, relationships, hope, hospitality, and stewardship.

Listed below are example videos from each of the four seasons that they offer. To view more of their films, visit their website.

Season 1: Business on Purpose

Season 3: Serving Customers

Season 2: Serving Employees

Season 4: Serving the World

The Talbot School of Theology’s Center for Faith, Work and Economics at Biola University exists to equip churches to help Christians live integrated lives – at home, in their communities and in the workplace.

Featured Videos

Listed below are a few of videos that can be helpful to leaders who want to learn more about integrating faith into the workplace. To view more in this playlist, click the button below.

Does the concept of “separation of church
and state” keep faith out of the workplace?

What is required for an employer to
comply with Title VII?

Note: These films were shot on a very hot day in a trailer.

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