Workplace Guidance

Spiritual Direction for
Businesses and Organizations

Cultivating Workplace Spirituality

Workplace Guidance:
Who, What, and Why


Workplace Guidance is spirit-based business coaching. It’s spiritual direction for leaders and leadership teams that helps business and organizations grow into their fullness and live into their potential.

By attending to the guidance of the Spirit, aligning with Divine purposes, and integrating spirituality and faith into their operations, leaders and leadership teams grow their enterprise’s ability to co-create with God. Through this process of spiritual accompaniment, businesses and organizations expand their capacity to achieve true service excellence.

Business and organizational leaders and leadership teams pursue Workplace Guidance for a number of different reasons. They depend upon the type of organization and their current situation.

A few examples include:

  • Established businesses who are looking for new ways to respond to volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA)or want to become more sustainable and socially responsible find that Workplace Guidance helps them stay focused on their values and priorities.
  • Christian business owners and leaders who want to better integrate their faith into their decision making and operations gain accountability and support through Workplace Guidance.
  • Entrepreneurs and other leaders of start-up companies who want to create a culture that values spirituality will get the encouragement and tools they need to develop a resilient and innovative organization.


Knowing the Divine generates the resilience necessary to face suffering and be creative in the face of challenges.


By attending to the Spirit, businesses and organizations cultivate community and become better stewards of social and environment resources.


When leaders are connected with the Divine, they gain the grounding they need to develop character and act with virtue.

The Process

Workplace Guidance is tailored to the needs of each business and organization. Individual leaders, selected staff members, or leadership teams can participate.

Focus Areas Include:

  • Spiritual Awareness and Reflection Practices
  • Discerning Shared Purpose
  • Self/Social Awareness with the Enneagram
  • Faith and Work Integration Discussions
  • Group Spiritual Discernment


  • 60 to 90 minute sessions held monthly
  • Virtual video meetings, unless clients are local
  • Email contact between sessions
  • 6 month commitments are preferred
  • Weekly reflection questions (optional)


I am a member of Spiritual Directors International (SDI) and follow their code of ethics.

I offer discounts for nonprofit organizations.

While the benefits of Workplace Guidance are specific to each organization, research shows that workplace spirituality creates positive outcomes for individuals and organizations.

Individual Benefits


  • Greater capacity for coping, reduced stress and aggression
  • Buffering for emotional labor
  • Improved intuition and creativity
  • Higher levels of altruism, empathy, and compassion
  • Greater job and life satisfaction
  • Higher levels of engagement and productivity

Workplace Benefits


  • Higher levels of employee
    well-being and decreased burnout
  • Greater engagement, productivity, and commitment
  • More organizational citizenship behaviors
  • Higher levels of work unit and organizational performance
  • Stronger ethical decision making


“Rhonda was here to complete a spiritual listening experience. I found the process very fulfilling and want to recommend this resource to others.”  – W. W.

“She asks good questions, pushes ideas beyond the initial thought, and is not easily frustrated when confronted with difficult problems. I also recognize in her a level of maturity and insight into human relationships and interpersonal understanding which is rare…, and is therefore capable of interacting in positive and beneficial ways with people and/or cultures which present alternative values and traditions.”   – J. H.

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