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Workplace spirituality is the recognition that employees have an inner life that nourishes and is nourished by meaningful, purposeful work that takes place in the context of community and connectedness. Long-term care communities support workplace spirituality when they too develop an inward life, align with higher purposes, and engender loving relationship within and beyond themselves.

Workplace Spirituality — Two Models

A Research-based Model of Workplace Spirituality

This model of workplace spirituality is useful for businesses and organizations where conversations  about spirituality are easy but conversations about faith and religion are difficult.

Research has demonstrated the benefits of workplace spirituality for individuals and organizations.


The outer ring symbolizes the organizational context, while the inner ring symbolizes the experience of individuals. 

The three wedges correspond to the three dimensions of workplace spirituality named above. Our services help people and organizations develop them more fully.

The Faith-based Model of Workplace Spirituality

This model of workplace spirituality is useful for faith-based and faith-friendly businesses and organizations, as its language is more associated with the traditions that recognize God. It helps organization understand how to develop the inward life of their organization, align with God’s purposes and recognize the guidance of the Spirit.

This model aligns with the model above, as the colors demonstrate. The blue and red areas shown here are combined in the previous model and shown there as purple.

This model articulates the role of the Holy Spirit in the workplace. It presumes that the quality of human relationship affects the Spirit’s ability to transform daily reality.


Workplace Spirituality Contributes to Mission Fulfillment

Research shows that workplace spirituality creates positive outcomes for individuals and organizations.

Individual Benefits


  • Greater capacity for coping, reduced stress and aggression
  • Buffering for emotional labor
  • Improved intuition and creativity
  • Higher levels of altruism, empathy, and compassion
  • Greater job and life satisfaction
  • Higher levels of engagement and productivity

Workplace Benefits


  • Higher levels of employee
    well-being and decreased burnout
  • Greater engagement, productivity, and commitment
  • More organizational citizenship behaviors
  • Higher levels of work unit and organizational performance
  • Stronger ethical decision making

Our Services Support Workplace Spirituality

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