Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is companionship for people who seek to better recognize and respond to the signs of divine presence and guidance.

I offer spiritual direction for leaders who seek a deeper spiritual life.

Our approach is:


Our services are grounded in attuned listening, aligned with contemplative spirituality, and propelled by positivity.


The whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts. When every part and everyone is included in this whole, the outcomes become extraordinary.

It’s grounded in:


Ultimate reality is in motion. So, when we open to and embrace change–keeping eternal love in mind, we honor the truth of life.


Our solutions are fueled by trust and collaboration, so we create safe spaces that allow for thorough exploration and deep transformation.

Leaders who seek a deeper spiritual life and desire a companion for their spiritual journey will benefit from Spiritual Direction.


By noticing and responding to Spirit’s presence and guidance, leaders gain greater peace in their life, meaning from their work, and clarity and direction for their leadership.




The Spiritual Direction Process


Spiritual direction sessions take the form of virtual monthly meetings via Zoom that last about an hour.

We start with an initial conversation to explore your interest in spiritual direction. This conversation helps us get to know each other and determine if there is a good fit. The initial session is complimentary.

Upon deciding there is a good fit, the process continues with a discovery session. This conversation helps me better understand you and your hopes and expectations. 

During standard sessions, we talk about your experiences while prayerfully listening to Spirit and explore your questions and challenges in the light of your faith.

The focus can stay on your experiences of the Divine in your life outside of work, yet we can also examine your experiences of the Divine at work and discuss the implications of your spiritual life for your leadership.

Most people view spiritual spiritual direction as an open-ended relationship, but we can also start with a set number of sessions. In the case of an open-ended time frame, I will initiate a check-in after about six-months for reflection and feedback about the relationship and process.

You are free to discontinue at any time, without penalty, whether you have chosen to meet for a set or an open-ended length of time.

I offer a contemplative, incarnational approach to spiritual direction. This means that we take a posture of waiting and watching for signs of divine presence and guidance in your inner experience and ordinary life.

If you would like a companion to help you explore Spirit’s movement in your life, please be in touch.