Leading through Service

Are you called to a higher purpose? Do you seek a fuller, richer work life?

We accompany people who are called to be and do more. In particular, we serve leaders and professionals who seek to more fully integrate purpose, spirituality, and faith into their work life and leadership.

◊ Discover Your Self
◊ Envision the Future
◊ Lead through Service
◊ Create a Better World



Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction helps people recognize signs of Divine direction in their life and work.

Our approach to spiritual direction includes the belief that work, leadership, and organizations can play a constructive role in the development of the common good.

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Leadership Coaching

We offer values-based leadership coaching that helps leaders develop leadership skills, cultivate collaboration, and enhance performance.

In particular, we offer coaching that helps individuals and teams develop a service-minded approach to leadership.

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Study Groups

Do you have an interest in reflecting on your work or leadership in the context of spirituality and faith?

We offer Faith at Work study groups for people who seek a space to explore the intersections of spirituality, faith and work without asking them to adhere to the beliefs of a particular faith tradition.

Our Approach:


Our services are grounded in contemplative and incarnational spirituality, supported by scientific research, and consider system dynamics.


Our solutions are fueled by trust and collaboration, so we create safe, confidential spaces that allow for deep exploration and transformation.


The whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts. When every part and everyone is included in this whole, the outcomes become extraordinary.


Ultimate reality is in motion. So, when we observe and embrace change–keeping eternal love in mind, we honor the truth of life.