Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction helps people notice and respond to signs of God’s presence, purposes, and guidance in their life and work.

My approach to spiritual direction incorporates the ICF coaching competencies, supports faith and work integration, and helps leaders develop and garner the benefits of spiritual leadership.

Spiritual Leadership

When leaders have a inner life, they are more likely to encourage others, as depicted in the inner ring of this model of workplace spirituality, to 1) recognize their own inner life, 2) experience their work as more meaningful and purposeful, and 3) create a culture that contributes to a sense of community and connection.


Research demonstrates that spiritual leadership is associated with increased:

  • productivity
  • life satisfaction

and decreased:

  • burnout
  • turnover intentions.3

Similarly, research demonstrates that workplace spirituality is negatively correlated with burnout and positively associated with:

  • employee well-being, engagement, and commitment1 4
  • ethical decision making and citizenship behaviors1
  • work unit & organizational performance and productivity1 5




The Spiritual Direction Process


Do you seek clearer signs of Divine presence and guidance in your life and work? Do you desire to discover your purpose or live more fully into your calling? If you do, spiritual direction can help you find them.

We start with an initial conversation to explore your interest in spiritual direction. This conversation helps us get to know each other better and to determine if there is a good fit. This initial session is complimentary.

Upon deciding there is a good fit, the process continues with a longer discovery session. This conversation helps me better understand you, your situation, and what you hope to achieve through a spiritual direction relationship. 

During our time together, we focus on the topic area of your choice in the context of prayerful listening to God. We examine your questions, challenges, and experiences in light of your beliefs, desires, and faith.

At the same time, we will look for the footprint of the Divine in your life and work and discuss ways that you might deepen your relationship with God, live with greater freedom, and be of more vital service to others.

Spiritual direction sessions take the form of virtual monthly meetings via Zoom that last about an hour.

The number of sessions depends upon your needs and desires. I suggest an agreement that includes a time to evaluate after six-months. You may want to continue with an open-ended arrangement, as this approach allows one’s spiritual life to unfold and to deepen at its own pace.

After we begin meeting, you are free to discontinue at any time, without penalty, whether you have chosen to meet for a set amount or an open-ended length of time.

I offer a contemplative, incarnational approach to spiritual direction. This means that we take a posture of waiting and watching for signs of divine presence and guidance in your inner experience and ordinary life.

If you would like a companion to help you explore Spirit’s movement in your life, please be in touch.

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