Workplace Culture Health Review


Every organization has a unique culture and sub-units within organizations have cultures that are both similar and different from that of the overall organization. What is important is that the culture is strong and healthy. A culture’s health can be difficult to assess objectively, because as you become a member of the organization, you adapt to the workplace culture.

Below is a quick assessment of a culture’s health. It’s not meant for decision-making purposes or action planning but will help you determine if improvements need to be made.

Respond to each of the following statements by selecting the response that best captures the extent it is true for your work group. Your work group can be a team, business unit, division, or the entire organization.

The numbers below correspond to these response choices:

1 = Not at all, 2 = A small extent, 3 = A moderate extent, 4 = A large extent, 5 = Completely


In my work group: