Organizational Accompaniment

People want their spiritual needs to be recognized and met in the workplace. We provide Organizational Accompaniment for leaders who seek to create a culture that supports workplace spirituality.

Organizational Accompaniment helps leaders align spirituality with their organization’s core purposes, structures, and practices. This balance promotes engagement, well-being, and service excellence.




Organizational Accompaniment Overview


Leaders take the first step toward an organizational accompaniment project when they decide to act on the belief that transformative change that is undergirded by spirituality will be helpful for their organization.

Given their influence, we ask leaders to support their organization’s transformation by committing to their own transformation. This pairing helps leadership structures change alongside the rest of the organization and increases the chance that changes will be sustained.

The leadership transformation services we offer include spiritual direction and servant leadership development.

Organizational Accompaniment projects include on-going accompaniment and follow these primary steps:

  1. Initial consultation to determine fit
  2. Discovery meeting to determine area of focus and readiness to proceed
  3. Team formation that enables and empowers transformation
  4. Project sub-steps customized to fit specific area(s) of focus
  5. Reflective project evaluation


Research demonstrates that workplace spirituality reduces burnout. 
It also promotes:

  • employee well-being, engagement, and commitment4 5
  • ethical decision making and citizenship behaviors4
  • work unit and organizational performance and productivity4 6



Framework for Organizational Spiritual Formation

While every engagement is customized, our engagements frequently draw from this framework of organizational spiritual formation:

  • Amplify Spirit – promote awareness, openness, and responsiveness to the presence and guidance of Spirit
  • Encourage Faithfulness – contribute to the realization of higher purposes by discerning the organization’s vocation then aligning leadership structures and organizational culture with it
  • Build Capacity for Spirit – cultivate working relationships that nurture spiritual growth by promoting positive relationships with work and among co-workers
  • Reduce Obstacles to Spirit – cultivate working relationships that nurture spiritual growth by reducing the frequency of difficult or harmful experiences in the workplace and promoting recovery from them

In particular, Organizational Accompaniment projects typically focus on one or more of these building blocks:


Model of Workplace Spirituality

Organizational accompaniment supports the development of workplace spirituality.

This model displays the three dimensions of workplace spirituality at the organizational and individual levels7.

The outer ring corresponds to organizational context, while the inner ring corresponds to individuals’ experience. 

When an organization develops and provides these spiritual functions, they support individuals’ spiritual needs in the workplace. 


Note: The three wedges correspond to the four dimensions of organizational spiritual formation. The purple piece of the pie integrates the red and blue sections shown above.

Our approach draws from the contemplative Christian tradition yet supports the spiritual needs of diverse and secular organizations.

Our experience suggests that the best fit is attained when leaders value contemplative spirituality and seek to grow in self and relational awareness. 

We work with leaders of all kinds of organizations, whether they are non-profit, for-profit, or public entities.

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